Dr. Sankar Moonan

Obituary of Dr. Sankar Lalchan Moonan

Dr. Sankar Lalchan Moonan June 30, 1944 - February 12, 2022 Dr. Sankar Lalchan Moonan left us peacefully at his home in Bel Air, San Fernando on February 12th, 2022. Dr. Moonan, or "Joe" as he was fondly known, was born on June 30th, 1944 to the late Mahabir and Popoya Moonan. He was the youngest of six siblings, Lynette, Lintie, Rampersad, Carl and Chandra. He grew up in Rio Claro and through the pursuit of his education had lived in Canada and Ireland before returning home and settling down in San Fernando, Trinidad. Joe was a man of many talents. He was an astute intellect; an outstanding and well-respected physician; a proud patriot; and even a self-proclaimed "jack of all trades" around the house! He was a compassionate, patient, benevolent and empathic human-being that held integrity and humility as core values. He was also an avid story-teller and was never one to shy away from sharing his life experiences with those around him and in turn intently listening to and learning from the experiences of others. He always spoke yearningly of his time as an elementary school student at the St. Theresa's RC and Rio Claro Boys Hindu schools; his time at St. Benedicts College; his time in the "Peg" (the University of Manitoba in Canada); and his time in Dublin, Ireland at Trinity College and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. However, of all his stories and accomplishments, he was most proud of those that included his family; the love of his life, "partner in crime" and best friend, Betty; and his children, Curtis, Nicole, Michelle and Natalie. To him, they were life's most precious gift and the pinnacle of his pride (and stress!). Through his professional career, Joe has made many meaningful contributions to the medical field in Trinidad. He was a past President of the Medical Board of Trinidad & Tobago, past President of the Medical Association of Trinidad & Tobago, past Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Medical Association of Trinidad & Tobago, past Public Relations Officer of the Medical Assocation of Trinidad & Tobago, past member of the Pharmacy Board of Trinidad & Tobago and a past Director on the Board of Mount Hope. As well, he was a past ​District Medical Officer for the Victoria County in southern Trinidad. Joe had an unwavering commitment to the medical profession and his patients. He was a fierce advocate and catalyst for the continued development of the profession through higher education and robust training for young professionals entering the field. Sankar has had an immeasurable impact on all those that he has touched in his life. He was so much to so many! He will be sorely missed, but we know his legacy will live on through us all.