Coffins, Caskets and Trays

The word coffin was derived from the Old French word cofin and from the Latin word cophinus, which translates into basket.  A coffin is generally hexagonal in shape with six sides. The shape of a coffin conforms to the shape of a body, with a narrow headspace, wider at the shoulder and tapering at the feet. A casket however, has four sides and is rectangular in shape with a split lid.

Coffins and caskets come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, but we have provided a brief description of some of the coffins/caskets available for your selection:

◄Round-Top Casket

The Round Top Casket is the Cadillac of caskets. It is usually made out of wood such as Teak, Mahogany, Cypre, Appamat or even Oak. Caskets are usually varnished to show the beauty of the wood, but can also be painted. The finishing on the exterior is usually very ornate from the long bars or wrap around handles to the corner embellishments. The interior is usually dressed in satin or crêpe and a screen print can be placed on the inside of the upper lid.

Casket Rental for Cremation►

As explained in our section on cremation, families can opt to use a casket rental instead of purchasing a coffin or casket. These caskets are just as ornate as the round-top caskets but made wider to facilitate placing the body in an inner tray. The family can therefore save on having to purchase a casket while allowing their loved ones to have a grand send off. Once the service is complete, the tray is removed prior to the start of the cremation and placed in the cremation chamber.

◄Octagon Casket

As its name suggests, the Octagon has eight sides as opposed to the standard four sides of a casket. It can be constructed with a flat top or round top. Similar to the Round Top Casket, the Octagon is typically made of wood and varnished, but can also be painted. The exterior embellishments are just as ornate as the regular casket and can also have screen prints on the inside of the upper lid.

Big Square Casket►

The Big Square, as its name suggests, is bigger in size than a standard casket. However, any of our caskets or coffins can be special ordered to size. A Big Square can be constructed with a flat top or round top and can be varnished, painted or covered in fabric. The exterior is finished in the same ornate handles and accessories as the standard Round Top Casket.

◄Raised Top Square Break Coffin

The Square Break coffin bares the customary hexagonal shape of the original style of coffins with a raised top. This style can be stained, painted, patterned or even covered in fabric. The Raised Top Square Break is one of our most popular coffins, especially with clients who prefer a simpler product. The handles on the coffins are different to that of the caskets, as they do not run the length of the coffin or wrap around. Instead, six (6) individual handles are placed symmetrically around the coffin, but still give that exquisite look.

Cone Shaped Coffin►

The Cone, as you would guess, is shaped like a cone...wide at the top and gradually tapering towards the feet. Similarly to the Square Break, it too can be stained, painted, patterned or covered in fabric. This is another popular choice for those who prefer simplicity over extravagance. The interior is typically dressed in satin and the client can choose the colour or special order a specific finish.

◄Flat Top Square Break

The Flat Top Square Break carries the same shape and finishes as the Raised Top Square Break, but instead has a flat top. All the choices available with the raised top, are also available for the flat top.

Octagon Tray►

The Tray of course is used in the event of a cremation. If you look carefully at the design, you will notice that the shape resembles that of an Octagon Casket, but just without a top...hence its name. This style is popular with those who are looking for something outside the norm, but still stylish. There are several options available with the Octagon Tray, such as the exterior finish, interior material and even the handles. As shown in the image to the right, you can see a white painted Tray with individual handles and a wood varnished option with long bar handles.

◄Pyre Tray

This fabric covered tray is extremely popular for pyre type cremations performed at the various Municipal/Regional Cremation Sites across the country. They are typically embellished with trims, fringe, tassels, lace and ribbon, which are even used sometimes to form religious symbols. In the picture to the left, you will notice the off-white option below has a flare bottom which is just one of the beautiful variations to this particular product.