Neoma   Urquhart
Neoma   Urquhart
Neoma   Urquhart
Neoma   Urquhart
Neoma   Urquhart

Obituary of Neoma Isabella Urquhart

Neoma will be forever and lovingly remembered as the:

Daughter of: Mark and Bianca Urquhart 

Sister of:  Aaron Mohammed 

Granddaughter of: Elvina Alphonso, George Urquhart, Monica and Michael Ali 

Great-Granddaughter of: The late Innocent and Nora Alphonso; Ousman and Dolly Mohammed

Niece of: Damien Urquhart, Michelle Amoogam, Darren, Michael and Ricardo Ali

Cousin of: Anata, Diandra and Gabriella Alphonso, 
                 Kristoff and Kristian Urquhart, 
                 Luke Dulan, Matthew Amoogam, 
                 Marc, Tyrique and Taezha Ali

Relative of: The Alphonso, Bernard and Ali famililes 



Special Thanks for the loving support of all our Family and Friends.
All our Loving Family and Friends from Cordoba, Argentina 
The Inheritance International Centre Community 
The Rousillac Open Bible Church 
The New Testament Church of God, Duncan Village
The Doctors and Nurses of San Fernando General Hospital 
The Doctors and Nurses of the Wendy Fitzwilliam's Paediatric Hospital
The Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses of 
Hospital Privado de Cordoba
The Centro Privado de Rehabilitacion Neurologica Infantil “Gospa”
Fundacion Yoyoca Africa Pie 
Ethe Foundation/ Fundacion Ethe