Bishop Derrick  Brown

Obituary of Bishop Derrick Ron Brown

Bishop Derrick Ron Brown; aka Half-ah-Man/Piece-ah-Cheese/The Bishop, 59, of 609 Fifth Company Village, Moruga Road, Trinidad, West Indies passed away August 19th 2023 at San Fernando General Hospital. Born April 29, 1964 here in Trinidad, Bishop Brown was the first of seven children for his late mother Shirley Brown, father Oman Brown, and Step-mother Lynette Brown. Bishop Brown spent his early and formidable years growing in the village of Indian Walk/5th Company, Moruga Road with his younger siblings Sharon Brown-Draper Pierre, Charmaine Bailey, and Shurma Charles. In 1984 he migrated to St. Croix US Virgin Island and was joined after by brother Curtis Brown, sister Chelica Brown and brother Creg Brown. A devout Christian, Father, Brother, and Friend; Bishop Brown loved his children. He was proud of them and declared they were his proudest accomplishment. He insisted he had the most beautiful girls in the family and in all of America and Trinidad. He loved them and they loved him. Like his father, Bishop had seven children. His daughter Alicia Clark (Trinidad) is the oldest, followed by his daughter Amanda Williams (Brooklyn, New York), son Germaine Jamal Modeste (St. Croix, US Virgin Island), then his remaining four daughters from Brooklyn, New York; Raquel Williams, Daria Williams, Dernisha Brown, and Desana Mckay. Bishop Brown was a true patriot, a soldier that was mission focused. Nothing would separate him from the love of God. He was proud to be a soldier in God’s Army. He served, and served, and served. Regardless of region, location, weather, or terrain, Bishop would go. He loved church, he loved God, he loved the assembly, he loved God’s people. Bishop was adamant he will serve God until he dies. He took his Christian duties and responsibilities seriously. He was determined to fulfill his purpose on this earth regardless of adversities. Bishop knew scripture, he knew page, he was a preaching preacher. He attended to his duties as a Godly Christian Leader and never hesitated to feed God’s sheep. Bishop returned home to sweet Trinidad and Tobago in 2015. He leaves behind his Fiance’ Marvelene Prescott, 7 Children, Grandchildren Nekisha Clarke, Imani Moore, Neveah Moore, Nicolus Foster, Devon Foster, Josiah Williams (Deceased), and Nikole Williams, his Father and Stepmother, siblings, many other relatives and friends. Bishop Derrick Brown went to join his loving mother, fellow shepherds, and sheep in Heaven where Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Christ Jesus is waiting.